8/17(月)~9/7(月) 2020国际商务大会线上展示会、请多多指教!(Announcement of participation in online exhibition in China)

Hello from everyone at appci! It’s really been hot lately, hasn’t it? COVID-19 cases are also still increasing, so please make sure to take care of yourselves.

Our company will be participating in the Game & Animation International Online Exhibition! It is an event that will connect Chinese and Japanese companies in four categories: games, anime, games/anime, and voice actors/sound producers. It will be held by the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO).

Starting with the Harvest Moon series, we’ve helped create a number of titles meant for a foreign audience.
Hopefully we’ll come into contact with even more great people at the expo!

By the way, the title says ‘We’ll be participating in the 2020 Game & Animation International Online Exhibition!’ in Chinese.