Video Game Development

Video Game Development

Our gaming industry's experts will help you through various phases of the game-making process.


We receive requests from domestic and international game developers and publishers and provide support in planning, developing, and operating games of varying genres and platforms.

We stand out from other development companies because of our involvement in developing console, mobile, and arcade games, and have the most innovative and vast expertise in any platform. We're on our way to becoming Japan's top development company.


Our experts in the gaming industry provide support in various aspects of the developing process, from planning to development, to sales, and even assist in graphic design and programming.

We have an established reputation in games from well-known IPs, and can help guide you through incorporating their characters and worlds, as well as determine suitable genres, development and operation ideas, and plans for creating graphics depending on the available budget and time frame.

We also have in-house publishing experience, and can provide support as a business partner that goes above and beyond what has been requested of us by investing in development costs, sharing rights, and working together with external creators.

Additionally, we've had various overseas releases, with our first being the ever-popular Harvest Moon series.


Console Game Planning/Development/Operations
Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft

Mobile Game Planning/Development/Operations
iOS, Android

Arcade Game Planning/Development/Operations
Platforms For Major Arcade Game Manufacturers

PC Game Planning/Development/Operations
Steam, casual games, etc.


  • Game Planning
    Planning games for everything from completely original content, to a wide variety of existing IPs
  • Game Development/Operations
    Developing and running games for all platforms
  • Graphic Designing
    Creating graphics for character design, concept art, 3D models, motion graphics, special effects, 2D graphics, UI design, as well as assisting in art direction
  • Game Programming
    From the Client to the Server-side Programming
  • Platform migration, conversion, localization, porting
    Creating international versions of games, porting games from the Nintendo Switch to PlayStation and mobile

Main Dev

■Game Engines: UNREAL ENGINE 4, Unity, BEZEL ENGINE, PhyreEngine

■Physics Engines: PhysX, Havok

■Server Framework: FuelPHP, django

■Real-Time Server Communication: Monobit Engine, photon

■Cloud: AWS, GCP, GMO CLOUD, Nifty

■Programming Languages: C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Ruby, Python

■Design Tools: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, 3Dcoat, Live2D, Spine